Manufacturer for sharpening plastic pencil and casing

Process of production: Extrusion

Weimako extrudes hard to viscous mass at high pressure in a traditional extrusion process, continuously through a form opening.
The production process used for making the plastic pencils fabricates casing with the cross section of the opening in any desired length. Weimako possesses ultra-modern extruders. These guarantee the lowest possible tolerance in the external diameter which in turn guarantees a perfect surface for decoration later on. We are able to produce at low cost because of very little wastage.
The Weimako extrusion process (plastic foaming) creates continuous strands made from physically foamed plastic granules, which are then further processed over several mechanical processing steps into the pencil casing. Manufacturing casings in this fashion means that they may serve as blanks for the decorative cosmetic industry or be used in the writing utilities industry. Our casings are used for top quality lip liner, eyeliner, kajal and writing instruments.

Process of production: Injection molding

Weimako uses DEMAG or Arburg lines for injection molding. Injection molding is a forming process mainly used in plastics processing. This involves using an injection machine to plasticise the respective material and inject it under pressure into an injection mold.

In the machine tool, the material passes through a cooling process or crosslinking reaction to return to a solid state, and it can then be taken out of the machine as a finished part. The cavity of the machine tool determines the shape and surface structure of the finished part.