Production of sharpening plasic casing

The use of plastic casing instead of wooden casing makes it possible to fill in almost any volatile cosmetic formulation, as well as pencil or graphite cores, into Weimako products through the use of plastic casing instead of wood casing. The reliable fit of the core within the casing guarantees that the core can't dry out.

The production of our pencil casing by means of an improved material formulation is completely new and innovative and makes a much higher quality injection characteristic possible. We offer injection casing with a moulded tip, inside drill and finished receptacle for applicator, protector and end cap.

Customer focus is what drives us!

We use the latest compounds and modern manufacturing facilities and technologies to constantly improve our products. This ensures excellent qualities:

  • comfortable surface feel and pleasant look
  • excellent sharpening quality with normal sharpeners
  • lowest tolerance in external diameter
  • less waste after decoration
  • various grades of hardness
  • constant density through first class compounds
  • any colour and shape possible
  • continuous pencil shavings
  • inner tube drill – solid core fit