We manufacture casings for pencils that are used in the cosmetics sector and writing material market. We can also provide the finished pencils including cap and cosmetic formulation.

Production of sharpening plasic casing

The use of plastic casing instead of wooden casing makes it possible to fill in almost any volatile cosmetic formulation, as well as pencil or graphite cores, into Weimako products through the use of plastic casing instead of wood casing. The reliable fit of the core within the casing guarantees that the core can't dry out.

Manufacturer for sharpening plastic pencil and casing

Process of production: Extrusion

Weimako extrudes hard to viscous mass at high pressure in a traditional extrusion process, continuously through a form opening.
The production process used for making the plastic pencils fabricates casing with the cross section of the opening in any desired length. Weimako possesses ultra-modern extruders. These guarantee the lowest possible tolerance in the external diameter which in turn guarantees a perfect surface for decoration later on. We are able to produce at low cost because of very little wastage.